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Myron Jamerson

To God be the glory. In January a message came out that said I wasn't eligible for SFC list so I started my retirement process. I prayed and said to God that there was 2 things I wanted in the military SFC and a DFAC Manager. I had been the Manager but not SFC. Later on in January another message came out saying I was eligible so I did my part and said God its up to you. Today I stand humble to say I MADE THE SFC LIST!!! God will make a way out of no way, even when man said I wasn't eligible God said because you are my child you are eligible and I will give you the desires of your heart. I said that to say this there is nothing to hard for God!!!!

Myron Jamerson

What a POWERFUL WORD today. It's time for a CELEBRATION!!! It's time to stop mourning and start dancing. Praise and dance your way through the situation, don't let your situation change you, you change your situation by speaking the Word. Your words have POWER so as you speak THE WORD break out in a dance and watch your situation change.


Nikeisha D. Waring

God allowed me to walk away from this car accident in the summer of 2012 without injuries. I was the front passenger. The other two women were also okay. To God be the glory!!!!



Avery Rucker

On my first night of my Jr. year spring break I took two friends out to a city park to skateboard. We finished at the park around midnight and then got into my grandmother's van and headed back to drop them off. On the way out of the park my friend began to talk trash about how slow the van was and how his car was so much better and faster. I allowed pride to enter into the situation and pressed the gas pedal to the floor to shut him up. I felt like I needed to prove to him that my van was not that slow. The speed limit was 15 and it was really dark out. I planned on getting him scared since he was talking so much so I was going to get the speed up to 45 mph. I decided since there was no one else in the park to try my luck and get it to 60. I was watching the speedometer and when I looked up I was headed right into a tree. I blacked out on impact and woke up in a wrecked van. The first thing I thought was, "I know that didn't just happen!" and the second thing was "I hope no one is dead". I asked my friends if they were ok and they both replied yes. We exited the van and all walked down the street to call the cops. God blessed us with a second chance at life because at the time not one of us was saved. I know accidents that involve rollovers normally include someone dying or being paralyzed but God protected us from harm that night even in my sin. Not only did the car flip three to four time but God saved the van from entering the water. The van stopped about eight feet away from the edge of the park that dropped off into the river. I am forever grateful to God for that miracle.

Avery Rucker, Sgt.

I have been in the Army for almost six years. While I was serving on a tour in Germany my wife and I prayed and fasted on what I should do concerning my career. I heard about Green to Gold and OCS as options if enlisted were going to stay in for a long time. We prayed and fasted to see what God wanted me to do and He spoke to me one day during my lunch break and confirmed the choice to apply for the Green to Gold program. After coming to Ft. Bragg and establishing my home I began to work on my packet to apply. I was told last minute that I had to go on a long term temporary duty assignment in St. Louis. With me being separated from my unit for six months I thought for sure my packet would not be completed on time. Not only did I move away from my unit, the deadline for the packet was moved up two months from 1 April to 1 February 2013. I continued to pray and believe that I would be done on time and that my packet would be chosen out of the candidates who also applied. Two weeks ago (25 Apr. 13) I received my official letter of acceptance into the program. After a year and a half of praying and believing God for this to come to pass, it is finally here! God is faithful. due season we shall reap, if we faint not (Gal. 6:9).

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